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The Force

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Max Fabian Juras, May 9, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I recently did a new orchestral little piece. My aim is to get the sound as realistic as possible. What do you think, what could I improve?

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  2. Wow I really like the winds. However, the trumpets are the ones who don't fit to my ears. They seem like they're in a different room basically. Also towards the end it tends to get a bit muddy in the mix. Some eq hopefully can fix that on the reverb or individual tracks.

    Nice job.

    P.S. (I'm not an engineer, I'm a composer)
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  3. A bit too much reverb on the brass compared to the winds, don't you think? You obviously have two choices here. I'd personally reduce the reverb on the brass, and generally bring the whole thing a bit more towards the front.

    The crash cymbal sounds underwhelming to me, to centered and small.

    The sustained notes at the end could use some life, they sound like a keyboard patch :D. Add some inflections to note attacks using CC1.

    Everything else is fine in this piece.
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  4. Yeah, same feedback as Dillon & Aaron - the brass should not be so far back compared to the winds. The cymbal crash stood out to me as having less volume than real life. The joint wind-brass position could arguably be pushed back a few feet from where you have the winds now, but that's a matter of taste.
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  5. I really like the dynamic markings on this one. The structure is really enjoyable and easy to follow. The orchestration is beyond what I am capable of - smooth color changes keep things interesting.

    The only "weird" thing I hear is the woodwinds: they are too loud compared to the strings (recall the three last pages of Korsakov's chapter one) , and as already stated here, too much "in your face" compared to the brass. Adjust pre-delay (around 40-50ms) so they match, as well as the tail. A little low shelf EQ to put them back. Something like that. It's not a writing problem, it's the mix.

    Also, I have the impression the strings could do a little more - just an impression, being kind of the "overwriting" guy, I may totally be wrong.
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  6. Sounds great @Max Fabian Juras in many ways. It still seems to need some work. The composition seems OK, though brief. The orchestration starts off interesting, but then sort of fizzles out. I think you would benefit from a broader spectrum of tone colors and more bass and mids at the end. Just an opinion.
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  7. Thanks for listening Dillon! I hear what you say, some good thoughts there. Thanks:)
  8. Thanks Paul, and you always comes with very good feedback, I have to say that. I appreciate that. Thanks for taking the time to listen and I totally agree with your thoughts!


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