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Star Wars Evil Happy Birthday

Discussion in 'RedBanned TV' started by Mike Verta, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. That is really cool, would be nice to hear it orchestrated.
  2. Happy B-Day Draco. Wow, 7 already, he's getting big.
  3. Hahah! Lovely, MIke... and a Happy Birthday to your little man!

  4. Man..7 already? Nice idea and recapitulation of the vader theme mixed with the happy birthday. This is soomething I saw you doing with twinkle Star and I guess everybody should practise such stuff.
  5. Happy birthday to D! ;)
  6. I was having a browse through some old files and found this - it's from a little while ago; I had a go at orchestrating Mike's Happy Birthday song. I don't know if I ever shared this here so there you go:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/23c2be3uosgtwqz/Star Wars Evil Happy BD.mp3?dl=0

    From what I can remember, I tried to stick to the piano version as much as possible and tried to let it dictate my choices. Hope I didn't screw up too much :D
  7. Ha! That was great. :)
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  8. The orchestration sounds spot on Claude! Also, nice chart @Mike Verta
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  9. Nice work on the orchestration. A really great piece.

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