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Site Changes

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mike Verta, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. The supplemental "Masterclasses" section is going away because nobody uses it. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Wasn't.

    Probably going to be added is a sort-of Mike Answers Bulk Questions thing.

    That is all. Carry on.

  2. Hm, I still think it is a good idea, even if people use it very rarely (there are probably different reasons for that), but if it doesn’t cost you anything why not just keeping it? It gives people some more options to go to, just in case. I can see that people like to open just a new thread instead, because it probably gets more attention and is easier? If you just wanna clean up this place because you think it’s more user friendly, okay, why not, but if you do it because people are too lazy using it, I wouldn’t get rid of it, just for this short percentage that might gonna use it in the future.
    I think it even helps to keep things organized instead of a thousand threads in one single section if it were used properly, I still can see that happen.
  3. Redbanned is still a new site and finding its footing - I think the concept of a classes section is great, but it's just not being used and is taking up real-estate, visually, which is clutter. Clutter is never good for a GUI - that's the cost. I'm probably going to condense them all to a single place, versus having separate areas for each class. Bottom line is that my design philosophy is always less-is-more, and the clearer the site is about its purpose and identity the better. There are plenty of sites which show what happens when a billion options and subforums are generated - it fragments the community and leads to a sort-of options paralysis. It's not good.
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  4. It's well structured and doesn't take so much space on the front page. Maybe it's the password protection policy that is the problem. Why don't you let the whole section open and keep the password protection only for the very access to the video ?

    People who bought the class but don't feel the need to ask something about it could check threads and participate without checking old mails to retrieve the password. And people who didn't buy it yet could be more interrested if they see discussions about it.
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  5. For whatever reason the forum always logs me out again when I re-visit. Pasword protected sections are a pain to access, I think it is a good idea to consolidate all those forums into one sub-forum. If there are questions for a course, most would probably fit in one collected thread per video. A general "ask Mike" forum sounds even better.
  6. +1 for a condensed subforum. It would be a shame for it to disappear, but having a sticky of each class released in which people could post questions might build momentum and conversation more easily.

    While I understand the purpose, password access is deterring at times. If I have a particularly pressing question I'll post, but human nature seems to dictate that it deters more general discussion. Is there a way to have a one-time password entered, after which one can freely access the subforum?
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    Another good idea may be to consolidate all those forums not in one but in one forum for each type of class: for example "Orchestration that includes all orchestration classes", "Composition", "Composers analysis (simply silvestri, on horner, etc.)", "film scoring", etc.

    All this without password, so can be like the thread on VI Control where people ask for how it is a class and who have already bought can say their opinions. :)
  8. I'm not sure about everyone else, but that is the case for me. I only entered the password for each class subforums once, the first time. Then I have access as if it was any other section.
  9. Interesting. Just tried it to make sure and I have to re-enter each time.

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