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Recording some strings in Budapest - anyone want to split some time with me?

Discussion in 'Opportunities' started by Jeff Hayat, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Going to do some strings at TomTom in Budapest at some point in the near future. V1, V2, Vla 14-12-9. Total price is €3,729, or $4,465 at the current ex. rate.

    Not sure if I have enough material to fill out the full three hours. If there is anyone who would like to split the time, please send me an email: jeffh at jeffreyhayat com

  2. To clarify there are no cellos or bases correct?
  3. Correct. Don't need 'em. Unless you want in, but want/need C/B, and want me to get another quote. Which, I am happy to do of course.
  4. Would love to here what you get on tape.
  5. What ended up happening with this? I'd love to hear what you got and how you found the process.

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