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Orchestration: The Critical Fundamentals by Michael Barry

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Doug Gibson, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Have you all watched this? Not a commentary on Mike Barry's opinions at all.
    (I think he creates excellent presentations)

    It's more the "Meta-State-of things". Seeing "don't get fooled by CC1 and CC7" .....well....
    all seems kinda "Sad but true"

  2. Good video.

    I like the point that Orchestration is a lot about: what do you do when your samples are triple wind, massive brass, 5 percentage aso but the real orchestra is only half the size.
  3. Saw that one a couple of days ago. Cinesamples does also a couple of other tutorials which I watched in the past. They are really good, but this one also.
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