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Orchestration 1 Video

Discussion in 'Info, Requests, etc.' started by Galen Weston, May 9, 2018.

  1. I wanted to go back and review the orchestration 1 video from 2014. It seems to be no longer available on Youtube.

    I went to mikeverta.com to see if I could buy it again and that site seems to be down or gone.

    Is there a way to get access to that video again?

  2. You should have the password for the private discussion subforum for that class. A link to the video should be there in a sticky thread, perhaps? I don't own orch 1 so no idea if this is true for that one, but it is the case for every class I purchased.
  3. Link:

    Password should be the same as in the original email I'd imagine.
    If you don't have that anymore you should contact Mike
  4. Thanks

    I was pre-password. I just received a youtube link to a private video.

    l tried to email him but it was not successful and his site seems to be down.

    I just found another email and tried that.

    Is there some other system you can use to buy his products?
  5. I would contact and wait for Mike. He's probably just busy at the moment but he usually is quick and very helpful. I'm sure he'll get this fixed for you when he's free, or perhaps wakes up maybe he's sleeping lol. Good luck :D
  6. Any updates? I too bought several masterclasses when the original links were to a specific Youtu.be video site - no password involved. I haven't found any information on Mike's site if it's still possible to review these masterclasses on Vimeo. The youtube links are a dead end.
  7. Send him a pm, pretty sure he will send you the vimeo links.
  8. Thanks Alexander. For those in a similar position, I contacted Mike directly and he sent me the links right away. Thank you Mike for the great customer service.

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