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One Composition a Day Until We're All Dead

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Mike Verta, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Glad you're approaching this from an environmental standpoint.

    I don't think one approach to writing is superior over another. I occasionally read about how some people are "bored" of metal now because they've gotten into symphonic composing. That's fine, obviously, but one structure isn't superior over another, just like progressive metal, for all its complexity, is "superior" over singer-songwriter pieces or a folk tune. It's definitely harder, and probably "greater", but not "better", full stop. I'm like Alex -- I need all worlds. I need fingerpicked guitar, an ethereal voice and heartwrenching bluesy guitar; I need mountain-sized guitars, deathly growls, thundering drums, catchy riffs, weird harmony and blazing solos; I need innovative, unexpected twists and turns in the form of improv; and I need masterful, sublime orchestral works. As Mike says, all good elements of all those worlds have their essence in common: conviction, sincerity, leading the listener through familiar and unfamiliar territory, and control of one's medium.

    PS -- If you want energy and zest, check out Wintersun's first record.

    I don't think I can ever stop listening to Opeth. They're part of my DNA at this point.
  2. I don't know dude, it all depends up context too. I think even Aaron Copland couldn't watch this without a chuckle (or at least a smirk). And no disrespect to Alexander's serious work, its just that (being all couped up and all) I thought this was kinda funny.

  3. My laptop (from which I do all classes/videos) had gone to Florida with my girl and I FINALLY got my replacement last night, so videos forthcoming. Assuming anyone's left alive to watch them.
  4. #24 Alexander Schiborr, Mar 27, 2020 at 12:53 PM
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020 at 1:00 PM
    OK Peeps, I am through the whole Song. At least I did that one before the world goes completely nuts.
  5. Hi Mike, I'm going through your new teaching piano livestream at the moment and someone in chat asked about a new unleashed and you said you're still recovering from the last one or something along those lines. How about you do 2 themed unleashed events where you limit the stream time beforehand and limit the submissions by limiting the theme. E.g. lets say it's up to 4 hours max, to not burn yourself out on it. You could do one where you only accept two-hand piano reductions as submissions, and another one where you accept everything except orchestral and piano pieces. So maybe that way you'd get more of those metal/pop/rock/jazz etc. submissions that hopefully are a bit more interesting to you? It's just a thought, I don't have anything to submit either way.

    It was quite inspiring to see Draco play piano so well already. He's legit much much better than I am. Great work both of you!
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  6. This is very true. Consider the band "Dethklok" -- the whole show "Metalocalypse" was a parody of extreme metal culture, and yet the music was very affectionately and legitimately crafted and became one of the highest charting metal records of all time. They have songs chock full of fantastic melodies, riffs and solos that are simultaneously about the egregious nature of taxes, the vanity of modern education, etc.

    @Alexander Schiborr Nailed it man.
  7. I am not sure this qualifies because it's an unfinished sketch, but hey, I'm doing something! Aiming to have the sketch done by tomorrow at least.
  8. Alright, remember how I just said I'd finish the sketch? Well, I tried, and I came up with something completely different instead, then went ahead to work on that.

    Of course I didn't finish that either. The ending is obviously not done and I kinda ran out of steam for the day. I'll just tell myself it's about putting in the time and effort to make something, so anyway....

    I have no idea what will happen tomorrow haha
  9. Sorry no stream today. Grandmother died. Back at it tomorrow.

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