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New Site Feedback/Q&A

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mike Verta, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Hi Jeff, I looked into it yesterday night and tried a bunch of modifications but it wouldn't change much. I have a few more ideas I'll try today. In the meantime, can you tell me:
    - which browser you're using
    - and if you see this happen on desktop, tablet, phone, etc.?


  2. I think I was "sort of " able to find a solution for now. Waiting to hear back from the developer of the chat plugin to see if he can offer a better solution that won't stretch the chat room too tall... :)
  3. @Mike Verta, @Andre Lefebvre

    Could we maybe have a Sub-forum to talk Film, Film-making and all other related stuff (Visual FX, design, storytelling, etc)?
    It's a huge part of our 'gig', and it's not talked about enough.

    We could trash the 'meet-ups' section, or put it somewhere else just as a thread. There is no reason for it to take up this much space on the main window.
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  4. Sure. We'll do that.
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  5. Well the chat window went from 0.5x the YouTube window size to at least 10x. So the problem is gone. This was happening on Chrome for Mac and Chrome for iPhone.
  6. @Mike Verta: I was just looking for a "mission statement" or similar for this forum and wasn't able to find one. I have the impression that not everyone is expecting to get the same things out of this forum and thus a couple people over the year or so that I've been here seem to have become fairly frustrated and/or left. It slightly confuses me, because based on your unleashed videos I always felt I have a pretty good idea of what we're doing here, what is expected of me as a user and what I can expect if I would post a piece of mine for feedback here. But I don't have the impression that everyone else is going into it with the same kinds of expectations, and thus some frustration ensues. With the next unleashed potentially bringing us a couple of new members, maybe it's a good time to think about how you could do some gentle "expectation management" for old and new users alike?
  7. Societies of all types and structures choke under the weight of well-intentioned laws, mission statements, policies. Among the unintended consequences is relieving people of important social skills like common sense and awareness of a group dynamic.

    Nothing is expected of anyone here except exactly what it says when you sign up, which is to be cool and learn stuff.

    If somebody doesn't know what's expected of them, comes here, gets frustrated, and leaves, then I see that system as working absolutely perfectly and needing no adjustment. This ain't their thing. Not everybody is your audience.

    This forum is respectful and open as very few forums ever dare to be. You can talk about anything, any topic, and you might be pressed to defend it. All of that's fair in the way it should be. It also isn't a place where a lot of meaningless rhetoric and sunshiny bullshit gets bandied about as a substitute for real interaction. That's rare too.

    In short. It ain't broke. Let's not fix it.

  8. Ok, you're the boss! In general I wholeheartedly agree with you, I just dislike that it always ends up in this song and dance where plenty of people chime in and waste their precious time like it just happened in the other thread (not that any single one did something wrong there, it just feels generally an unneccessary problem to have in the first place). And only to clarify what I was suggesting, you gave the perfect example for what I meant with "mission statement" when you said this:

    I think that's super important for improving your craft and I would hope that putting a sentence like that a little more obvious into the faces of people could open some minds and cut down on at least a bit of the drama. That might be all that's needed in my opinion. I wasn't thinking about a long list of rules or similar. Just a short reminder of what's important when asking for feedback.
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  9. Okay, I put that in the rotating banner.
  10. Perfect! We'll see over the next year if it seems to have an effect. Thanks Mike!
  11. I hope that won't scare people away :D
  12. The only people it would scare away are the ones it should.
  13. I love the tone of this forum and the genuine community it builds. No bickering, no coddling, and genuine adult interaction like few other places I've come across on the net. You actually feel like you're talking to real people, as strange as that sounds, and one quickly gets the impression people here care enough about you and your craft to give you honest feedback.

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