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New Site Feedback/Q&A

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mike Verta, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Android 7.0

    I can see your "Test" right now. When I'm typing it treats the upper edge of the keyboard as the bottom, along with the Chat button and stays on top of it.

    I've tried rebooting, clearing cookies and both on Chrome and the standard browser that opens when I open the site via email (in case of a new reply to a thread).
  2. Sending this from Firefox, just downloaded from Play store, same thing.

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  3. Hmmmm can you check under the chat SETTINGS, what do you have for Miscellaneous/Hide bot messages? Not sure if that will fix it for you, but let me know.
  4. I've tried everything. Even re-selecting the All Pages display mode. The only solution is switching to a different display mode.
    I'm fine with it being below content, so if it's only me that's experienced this, no need to pick around, or something else is bound to stop working, no? :D
  5. I will still keep an eye opened to see if there's something to do to fix it...

  6. Btw, I'm using Android 6.0.1.
  7. Okay, just checked on my tablet, Asus Nexus 7, Android 6.0.1 Not connected to Gmail so no cookie sharing.

    Same thing.

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  8. Hi Aaron, very sorry, but I can't reproduce this situation on my Android. So you're saying this is on your tablet, or is it also happening on your cellphone?
  9. I first noticed it on my phone (first post), but when you said that you have Android 6.0.1 I remembered that my tablet also has it, so I went to check and it's happening there as well.

    EDIT: Never really noticed it because of the resolution, but it's on my desktop as well.

    Could it be account related?

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  10. It certainly suggests a setting on your end. I'll have to play around with mine and see if I can do this. But
    I would appreciate a BIGGER screenshot, that has the whole chat window all the way to the bottom of the page... :) Those tiny ones don't help me much. If the screenshot image is too big for here (if you get an error saying so), simply email me the file at creativeforge@gmail.com.
  11. #91 Aaron Venture, Aug 5, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
    Oh I'm so sorry, I missed this. Here's a full window shot with open chat. As you can see, the overlay where the text goes is still there, but the text of the last message disappears from it. It normally appears in the chat window but chat appears to be bugged at the moment.

    EDIT: Included the screenshot of the page code / elements picker while the chat is open. Selected is the bar we're talking about. Not sure if that will help.

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  12. #92 Aaron Venture, Sep 6, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
    Alright, I've been bug hunting again. It's profile settings this time.

    In Google Chrome, after changing my profile picture, the change isn't apparent. If I go to incognito or to a different browser, I can see it. Obviously, it's solved by deleting cookies for the site, I'm just posting it here.


    Another one I've not found a solution for: I can't change my "occupation". It occurred to me that my occupation I initially filled out isn't even showing, so I went into the settings and yep, it's blank. If I fill it in, click "Save changes", "Changes are saved" appears on the top, but they're actually not. Even if I reload that very page, the field still ends up being blank. I've tried it on a different browser and with no cookies.


    It appears the profile image issue isn't solved by deleting cookies. I don't really want to clear all my Google profile data and all my cookies for all the websites, so I'm wondering is there something else that the page saves except cookies?

    Another interesting tidbit is that once I signed out, I noticed the image remained the same. And so did the one in the incognito session. And yes, they're different. Different images when I visit the site, without cookies, as a guest.


    EDIT 2:

    Well, whatddaya know, solved the "Image not refreshing" with CTRL+F5.
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  13. Hi Aaron, good to know you were able to find that little trick. As for your occupation (bug hunter?) is it also fixed?
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  14. #94 Aaron Venture, Sep 6, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
    Nope. Oh well, it seems my account is doomed :D

    S'all good. Here's hoping it's an isolated case.

    EDIT: Alright, here's another one for ya!

    When I click on my profile, this is how the image looks (on different browsers, not logged in). Doomed indeed!

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  15. Are you open for feedback on the colors of the site? I think few tweaks can improve readability (mainly contrast issues)
  16. Hi Aaron, is your picture square? It looks like you are seeing the background for that area. If your photo is not square it's possible that's the issue. Could you try to resize your avatar photo and report back?

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  17. I have a suggestion regarding quoting. I don't know how hard (or possible, depending on platform) would it be to implement, but I'll ask anyway.

    It would be far easier to quote people if after highlighting text in a message, hitting reply would automatically insert the quote into our current type position (whatever's the term), but only quote the selection. Reddit has that.

    So for answering questions and such, I would highlight one, click reply, type my reply, go back, highlight another, click reply, type my reply...
  18. Pretty sure XenForo already does that?

    Yep, works for me!

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  19. I truly am unlucky. Can't get it to work on other browsers or mobile. :(
  20. People post YouTube videos into the chat window on the homepage, which is too small to show them. So you get this chopped-off strobelight effect. So maybe that needs to be a bit taller?
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