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My order is complete? Hey Mike?

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Scott Steinmetz, May 14, 2018.

  1. Just got what looks like a form email stating my order was complete; total was $0.00 and I haven’t ordered anything from you for a minute.

    Is this a yearly thing to keep up on an email list or should I be at all worried?

    Thanks man!
  2. Not to worry. Check your inbox, Mike sent a clarification e-mail. They are just migrating the site and all of the orders.
  3. Nice, didn’t get that email but thanks!
  4. I also got the receipt emails, but not the clarification email. Glad to hear it was expected.
  5. Me too, no clarification email here.
  6. Has the Goldsmith class video been sent out yet? I got a ton of those order complete emails and don't know if it got lost in there.
  7. Is no-one safe from those pesky Russian Hackers.....

    Not only are they intent on subverting democracy, but now interfering with my musical education. Are there no depths to which they will not stoop in the plan for world domination. ?
  8. In case you didn't get Mike's email...
    Many of you are getting multiple, random notices of orders you didn’t place or passwords you didn’t change for MikeVerta.com. This is an error caused by people working on the commerce section of the site, and I deeply apologize. What should be a simple act of transferring commerce orders from the old site to the new site has been nothing but a disaster in both attempts, for reasons I can’t fathom, and can’t fix myself. I’m doing everything I can, but if you get further such emails them, please ignore them with my thanks,
  9. Good question, I've been waiting for the Goldsmith Class video to be posted as well.
    I'm sure it's in process. Sounds like Mike has his hands full with the site migration.
  10. Goldsmith is uploading, then Vimeo has to convert it. Will probably be online tomorrow morning.
  11. There was a Goldsmith class recently? Was it announced here or is there some other sign up I should do to know about new classes in advance? I got an email just now about the class being available, but it looks like it's already occurred?
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  12. Received the Goldsmith-class mail with the coupon code. Very tempting. Thanks Mike :)
  13. Just bought the Goldsmith class :) now what about the elusive Neal Desby class?
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  14. @John Eldridge Follow the Masterclasses forum here, but as part of my website redesign, when you buy a class, you're now added to the class alert email list.

    @David Healey It's on the to-do list. It's a long list, but it's on there.
  15. Perfect, thanks.
  16. The quality of the Brass masterclass was fantastic, your edits are more than worth the wait.

    PS -- Did the Goldsmith class cover much of Alien?

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