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Mixing & Mastering // Gullfoss vs. Neutron & Ozone

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Sascha Wübbena, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Hi, everyone,

    I have a question about software for mixing and mastering pure virtual instruments orchestras. I am an absolute beginner, so I hope I can explain what I mean and need.

    I took a look at two softwares:
    1. Gullfoss from Soundtheory
    2. Neutron & Ozone from iZotope

    Everyone raves about Gullfoss. It is said to be a magic tool. I tried the demo version. And yes, with really little effort, the result was pretty good. But when I heard the MP3 in the car or with poor headphones, it wasn't so good anymore.

    In the videos for Ozone I found it very smart to be able to say what I want to master for mastering: streaming services, CD etc. Neutron was also somehow brilliant because I can put it on every track and then on the master track can choose what the dominant tracks should be. And the mixing is then carried out automatically. It would be a dream for a noob like me.

    Does anyone of you have experience with such programs? Ozone has been mentioned several times in the forum. What are your experiences? Before I spend a lot of money, I need some feedback from the professionals.

    Thank you very much!
  2. I haven't used Neutron, but I have used gullfoss. I assume Neutron has some usefullness, but I don't think any software has the capability to put together a good mix for you at this time.

    Good luck with mixing. I find it fascinating, and also (like composing sometimes) frustrating.
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  3. Yes, I already know that I will hate this part of music production. ;)
    That's why I'm looking for tools that can do a lot of work for me. If someone has a tip for me, I would be very happy!

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