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Mischief Maker - Playful Orchestral Theme

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Mattia Chiappa, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I just finished the mockup of this theme I wrote for practice. This is a simple little piece that I thought I would finish in a heartbeat but man virtual instruments can be so very frustrating sometimes!!! It took me forever to get those lines right and still don't sound nearly as good as I imagined they would:mad:

    Please do comment, any feedback is very appreciated!

  2. Great work. Made me smile. I can for sure imagine this in a movie scene. Lovely sound. You refrained from over-orchestrating, a problem I often have. By shifting your focus among the instruments you keep it fresh and lively. I can imagine this took quite a long time to get right since libraries are so erratic with volumes and even sometimes the tone quality. I would think this would be something you could include in a demo reel. Congrats!
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  3. Nice Vibe! I can't really say why but there's something about the structure of your theme that seems a bit odd. Do you have the piano version?

    I like the mockup but I think the pizz may be a bit too loud and thus unrealistic...
  4. Glad to see you are still working hard and posting new material. It's nice to see the progress you have made.

    Re: piece above. (I'm just going to cut to the chase on what I feel needs work. There is plenty that I like about the piece)

    Needs a countermelody, and more rhythmic independence between between the musical layers.

    You only ever give us the real tune towards the end. The fills are the most interesting: i.e 1:44 is really nice.

    Of course this is considering the music as a stand alone work.
    As you keep adding more onto the melody it makes the character sound bloated, slow, and on Xanax.

    Since this has such a strong Gounod/ Dukas vibe, and we all know it (nothing wrong with that BTW) I think you can push the ideas much further.

    At the very least give us a B section, and a second melodic idea. For those just go back to your source. Listen to the whole work.
    Bizet is a wonderful composer too.

    As far other sources for adding contrapuntal writing to a work that is going to be melody driven.... off top of my head.

    Opening of this one

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  5. Hey man, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Sure I Do! You'll hear that it's not very different from the actual orchestration so I'm not sure if this gonna help but here its is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/scjojveb8jzcrwq/Mischief Maker_PianoSketch.mp3?dl=0

    thanks for spotting that, I'll fix it later :)
  6. Hi Doug! Thanks for the wonderful advice and for sharing those pieces of music. I'll look into that as soon as I can :) I'm really glad that you think there has been some sort of progress, I've been woking really hard but improvement comes so slowly over time that it's difficult to be objective about ourselves.

    About countermelodies I'm going to be honest here. That was also my intention and they're not in there simply because I suck at writing them. I tried many which didn't work, there's a hint of that at 2:04 and some other bits here and there. I always end up deleting them because because they're very distracting and not nearly as good as the main melody. I know it's something I have to work on
  7. I think it's the bar of 2/4 (at 0:17) that threw me off on my first listen. So it's probably just me :)
  8. You're probably over thinking it. Counter, as opposed to secondary, means it's going to be a supporting character (ie. Smithers to Mr. Burns)

    So they don't have to be that active. Just to give you an option, I added in 4 counter-parts to your melody.

    As is convention, I left your first theme alone so we hear it in it's most simple statement.

    Development wise, you would NOT want to add in this many parts at one time. I did so just to say you still have a lot of room left. Most likely one or two at a time max.

    Keep that disclaimer in mind. I am intentionally over-writing here.

  9. @Doug Gibson very impressive post! Your ability to add something worthwhile in just about any style of music is amazing to me. For any of you looking for help getting to the next level with composing, you should contact Doug. I pay Doug to coach me and I know for a fact my compositions have been improved by his coaching.

    As a stand-alone composition, the counter-melody material suggested raises the piece to the next level, in my opinion.
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