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Discussion in 'UNIT M3' started by Mike Verta, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Some of you guys enjoy the rant-y parts of my Masterclasses. Actually, I was surprised to learn that some non-musicians actually buy the classes just for them. Well, some time ago I began slowly developing my own app, where all my online content will go, so I can untether from the bullshit arrangements, censoring, and complete lack of accountability or transparency of the major platforms. It's an app, a place for my rants, tutorials, music, notions, and general mayhem.

    Having a couple days in the house allowed to me finally work up its logo. This whole thing may begin as a subset of my YouTube channel; not sure. In any case, here it is:

    As with music, it's always fun when there are multiple levels of "read."

    Read 1: It's literally a microphone dropping.
    Read 2: The opinions it carries are so weighty it dents steel like it's Thor's hammer or something.
    Read 3: It isn't actually plugged in. Nobody's listening. Or cares.
    Read 4: It's mostly black and white, with some gray area.
    Read 5: It's a penis.

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