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Mega '80s

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Jeff Laity, May 24, 2018.

  1. I've been enjoying Synthwave music lately. It's a genre of music that emulates '80s direct-to-VHS synth scores. They often have a backstory of a vigilante who drives around at night. Anyway, I love it. This is my current favorite:


    Mike, how is your '80s album coming along? You may want to tag it "synthwave" and "outrun" to get those fans' attention.
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  2. My favourite of these is Lazerhawk's Redline:

    I also really like Garoad's VA-11 HALL-A soundtracks: https://garoad.bandcamp.com/

    This music tends to be pretty simple harmonically and melodically, but if you're serious about really getting into it, you should try to transcribe the synth patches and effects (like gated reverb) too. Sometimes it's easy, especially if you recognize the preset on e.g. the DX7, but sometimes it's tough. Sometimes it's just a sample.

    Unfortunately there's little to no reference material available, so you just have to use your ears.
  3. A few years back I watched a film called "Drive". I love noir stuff, so I was looking forward to it, and heard good things about it.

    The soundtrack was all synths, and I recall not getting it at all. I left the theater thinking is as about a 3 out 5. A sort of better than
    average film but nothing special.

    Then a couple years later, for whatever reason I watched it again. Then again, then again, then again.

    I now think its a brilliant film. Weird...... it's just the more you look, and care less about the story the more the film reveals itself.

    Anyhow, a great flick if you have not seen it

  4. LOL I don't need to transcribe this, I lived it. The first stuff I ever transcribed was Miami Vice score in 1985, using a Casiotone and a Betamax. I had to UNLEARN how to do this stuff. I held onto voicey pads and big snares far too long. I ended up selling my Wavestation to quit cold turkey. Though now I'm thinking about buying another one, if only for the controller part of it, nice action and full-sized wheels. And fun sounds if you ditch all the '80s belly-stringy-voicey layer presets.

    Garoad sounds fun. Lazerhawk I keep waiting for the melody to begin but it never does.
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  5. Yeah it's true, Lazerhawk is pretty boring that way. I love the way the album feels though. Cloud Battalion sounds great already!

    One of my earliest wanting-to-transcribe memories is of Flight of the Navigator. It sounded so fucking cool to my 8 year-old self, though I could never make it sound right on the piano. Hearing it again in Mike's Silvestri class was interesting (and actually kinda disappointing).
  6. Because he's the originator and I started the thread. ;)

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  7. This thread needs more '80s.

  8. Probably the most memorable 80s music from my childhood is the end credits music from Flight of the Navigator:

    It's not Silvestri's best work, but it left an impression on me.

    Also fuck yeah 80s class!
  9. I came across this gem by Yellowjackets yesterday.

  10. Russell Ferrante recycled the background keyboard ostinato from the tune Wildlife on their Four Corners album.
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  11. While I never grew up with the original Transformers cartoon (that would be Beast Wars/Beasties for me), I loved the soundtrack of Transformers: The Movie, composed by none other than Vince DiCola.
    For me, this is as '80s as you can get.

    After watching a good chunk of the '80s Masterclass, I'm working on transcribing some of the score. Currently I'm transcribing this track:


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