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Masterclass Thread Banned at VI-C

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Mike Verta, May 13, 2018.

  1. Official response is this:
  2. Is there anything more annoying than having a thread with active posts in it show up in the Latest Posts list? I think not.

    And I agree, since nobody uses bookmarks or search engine features, long threads are only for people with mental health problems.
  3. Wait a second... something just occurred to me. Is Mike Greene by any chance involved with Cinebrass?
  4. Of course there is! Don't you hate it when people find more value in words than products? I hate when I spend $30 on something and get more value than spending $500.

    I don't know. But his company is called Realitone, and Cinesamples post announcements in Tier 2.
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  5. Mike Greene's argument makes no sense. Took me five minutes to archive everything I wanted in this topic, because it's searchable.

    (The Cinesamples guy is Mike Piatti.)
  6. I was under the impression that Cinesamples doesn't post commercial announcements or visit VI-Control regularly anymore. Look at how long the thread about their perceived Twitter jab at Spitfire went on before one of the Mikes (not Greene) showed up. I think regular users are posting in the commercial section about Cinesamples releases, though I haven't looked into it.

    The reasoning on locking the masterclass thread makes enough sense to me had that been the only action, but deleting it and then only restoring it as a locked thread is harder to understand.
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  8. Mike Verta brought up the idea of making a "Mike's Corner"... he called it redbanned. That thread was about his masterclasses - which are just as useful to VI users as any other various plugin/library - which are talked about freely.
  9. Think positive here...
    This is a very cool offering and both Mike's seemed interested in giving it a shot. Open doors and bridges can only have positive results and the forums and topics are not mutually exclusive. Mike Verta has a lot to share that can be valuable to vi-control members. And likewise, vi-control members (which is a larger population) may be interested in learning more by following up with classes or join focused discussions over here where the community is smaller but the focus on composition and learning is more intense. Nobody is leaving one forum exclusively for the other so it really looks like a good win-win and there's nothing to lose giving it a shot.

    When I started the thread on vi-control, half my intent was to share about the Brass Class, and the other half was hoping it would stir up some discussion about Mike's thread banishment. I'm very pleased to see how the discussion transformed and instead of a bitch fest, good positive things came out of it that can be of help to members of both forums. And most importantly, it might help build interest in future Live Classes because it would be great for everyone if that happens. Both Redbanned and vi-control members win if this happens. And I selfishly, might get the Live Wind Class...because damn it, I want that Wind Class! Cheers to all.
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    Once we knock off all the proprietary shit and pissing contests and start acting like adults, amazing things happen. :)
  11. I'm among the many that have mostly fully migrated here. Some folks at VI have really been helpful and I appreciate that, but the "realness" of this community makes on realize how ever-present vitriolic and inane drama can be found in the general forum format. Obviously the entirety of VI-C isn't a trash fire, but the fundraiser fiasco (I was one naive enough to donate without asking questions) plus the commercial drama happening there have been enough for me to not have bothered logging in in a long time (and also not noticing that I haven't). Indeed it has wafted, which is really too bad, but the tradeoff is that it at least appeared to be the metaphorical straw that made Mike open this forum, which has been an enormous source of inspiration, help and the opportunity to really learn craft.

    What I appreciate about the general attitude here especially is that of accountability and the genuine sense of adult communication -- the ability to speak honestly and not be suppressed or reprimanded, but to be held accountable for the reason (or lack thereof) in one's opinions. If only universities were still a place for that!
  12. I agree 100% Rohann. I don't comment much here or at VI-C, but I've lurked at VI-C for a long time and here since Mike opened up shop. I don't comment because I simply don't have much to offer to most of you who are either working music professionals or hobbyist's who are much further along than I. But I've learned a ton from both sites and I really appreciate this community.

    That said, the change in tenor and tone at VI-C over the last few years has really made it difficult to login there anymore. I still do out of force of habit, but many of the members I grew to respect over the years have disappeared and the level of angst and controversy, like most places in today's world, has made it a difficult place to spend much time. I too, naively gave to the last fundraiser because I believed in VI-C and wanted to support it. In hindsight, it became obvious that things just weren't being run very well behind the scenes. It hasn't been the same since.

    Mike, I hope you keep this site pure and allow it to be a resource to help both professionals as well as hobbyists like me. I'm a lifelong musician who is working hard to become a better composer and your Masterclasses and this site have been invaluable to me. I'm probably too old to ever hope to make any money from composing, but God willing, I still have lots of years to compose and create and just enjoy the gift of music. I'd love to see Redbanned remain as it is....a place where musicians really help musicians.....and leave the worldly junk at the door.
  13. Probably the slogan should be, "Musicians helping musicians become better musicians." That's what it's about, and there are few things I've done and will continue to do to keep Redbanned on the rails. The first is that it's very clear what its goal is, and it has no conflict of interest. Companies are more than free to post here, but this site will never post ads or take revenue from ads, and it will never be a "safe space"; merely an honest and supportive one. The rest is up to us to police ourselves and contribute positively. So far, so good :)

  14. My opinion is that the "real names" concept is a big part of people being more civil towards each other. This has become my favorite music website. Thank you Mike.
  15. I'm with you there. The purity of interest in craft, rather than purely "success", is precisely the goal here, so I'm not at all worried about Mike keeping it unspoiled :).

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