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Live Symphonic Brass - NOW AVAILABLE!

Discussion in 'Classes & Discussion' started by Mike Verta, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Wow, I am so excited! The "Fanfare for the Frontier" sounds incredibly good, and the video looks terrific. I did not attend the live masterclass, so I am very anxious to enjoy the videos. I have not received any links yet, as of 5:41 pm EDT. I will post again when I get the links.
  2. Mike your mixes sound fantastic! I'm surprised you were able to get so much traditional-seating spatialization back into the sound after they recorded right next to each other.
  3. The LSB Show is now available for download. Check your emails! If you bought the class AFTER the Indiegogo campaign, please send me an email at mverta3@hotmail.com. You won't be on the auto-list from Indiegogo and I need to send them manually.

  4. Thanks Mike! I'm checking it out right now and it looks and sounds awesome. Just a quick question, why didn't you use the live version of the stinger for your intro?
  5. The brass track sounds great, Mike. Really great players there..
  6. I've just re-watched it, good job Mike.
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  7. @Mike Verta thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this marvelous brass video. I commend your risk-taking spirit to undertake such a large project. I was thrilled by the fabulous talent of the musicians. Your compositions were terrific and very well written for brass almost all of the time. I liked all of the pieces, even Apex, but my favorite was "Fanfare for the Frontier."

    Mike, you outdid yourself with this one. Thank you!
  8. Thanks also for the stems Mike,

    I've been playing with them all afternoon and recommend anyone who's interested in mixing do the same (Paul?), I learned a lot.
    It's very interesting what's actually 'waiting to be unlocked' in these performances once you dial it in "right".
    All of a sudden everything falls into place rhythm-wise and all the imperfect notes that are noticeable in the dry stems all but disappear.
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  9. I was also enlightened by the stems in a few ways.
    • Impressive sight reading. Minimal takes to lock it in. But helpful to see which parts were trickier than others.
    • How much the ensemble's vibe is right even in the presence of individual wrong notes. Mike said as much in the class, but hearing the raw stems really solidified this for me.
    • Just how much dynamic shape is present even within a single dynamic marking as they work to balance themselves within the ensemble. Also discussed previously, but again the stems help to cement it.
    • Easy to find solo recordings. Easy to find ensemble recordings. Hard to find individual recordings of an ensemble like this paired with score and player feedback, so really appreciate the access.

    Thanks for doing this class.
  10. Hey Mike! I didn't get the email with links. Can you resend?


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