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Launch Party

Discussion in 'RedBanned TV' started by Mike Verta, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Those thumbnails are perfect.
  2. LOL! Totally, what a marathon that was...
  3. I love this. What a great start to a new Forum. Keep laughing about how Horrendous LA apparently is and how "You could be on a shitty little boat near Bangladesh, on the phone saying When's the meeting?" Hilarious shit man.
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  4. Always a pleasure to listen, Mike.
  5. Mike, I spend as much time laughing as I do learning (a lot!) from your videos!
  6. I thought to make a little roadmap for
    Launch Party Part 1:

    12:39 Epic Drink! :D
    42:00 Directors approach and asian Big Tits or was it big rigs? (my personal highlight during the first hour)
    52:00 Courage and Self respect when negotiating money.
    1:36:00 Russel Ferrante example (for transcribe)
    1:42:00 Mark dynamics down in a score to get a more musical performance
    1:50:00 Yellow Jackets Example with some bars transription from Mike
    1:52:00 Keep the controller to mezzoforte, don´t push it to the ceiling to have power for very special events in a track. Safe the energy.
    1:56:00 etc Williams esqued example + Stevie Wonder
    2:01:00 Strippers and masterclass! :D (maybe a poll here?)
    2:03:00 Another epic Drink! :D
    2:14:00 Approach for orchestration, and writing
    2:23:00 Cool western lick
    2:49:00 Fart in the wind music. Pretty much nailed the situation :D
    2:57:00 Witches of Eastwick. Good Ending for the 1st part.
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  7. Mike's take on Toto's 'Rosanna' was Epic. Damn.
  8. Thanks for posting, Mike!
  9. I must have been living under a rock to miss this! Nice to see such a great forum.
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