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Khachaturian - Orchestration Exercise

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Doug Gibson, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Got up early today and did a orchestration of a simple melody by Khachaturian

  2. I think 0:34 would have more impact if the strings prior to it were a dynamic marking softer. Also I would make the strings from :34 to :37 full length, not "tenuto" or whatever what they're doing is called (tell me pls) and rebowing every quarter note (if the BPM is 70), and cresc. through these 4 quarter notes (through the G and Bb), reaching their new dynamic as you start the Bb-C figure.

    I was about to suggest something like 1:35 at 1:19 or so, but I can see we're already on the same page. Maybe just tease that offbeat. Do it once every two measures at 1:19. I still got what I wanted at 1:35, so it might just be my eagerness and the expectation is what you planned.

    Nice. Especially since it's done in one morning.
  3. @Doug Gibson that was truly lovely. Obviously in live performance there would be considerable rubato. This piece seems to me to be a natural for lots of fluidity of tempo. Khachaturian was a true master of melody. And your orchestration is wonderful. If you are looking for feedback on specifics let me know. But for now, well done.
  4. Hi Paul !

    Thank you for your kind words. I'll send you the sib. file if you wish.

    I agree with everything you wrote. Like many great works of art, I can see multiple ways of interpretation.

    I am finding a good amount of joy with miniatures these days. Sort of like the days of old, where zen students could only paint
    pictures of a mountain. I think it's interesting to make multiple versions of the same piece, and worthwhile endeveour.

    For me, just speaking personally, it means less cognitive attention on coming to grips with the composition and more focus on
    experimentation and comparisons.

    I was always a big Glenn Gould fan, and how he would make many versions of one piece then decide which he liked best.

    By all means fire away with any thoughts you have. I am still at the start and tweaking away. Also....it's not my composition so no attachment there.
  5. Thanks for your feedback. You know..... I don't know why, and it pisses me off...... but everything I upload to soundcloud comes out louder than what I expected. I export the audio.....check it...... upload, and then it's like 2-3 db louder.

    Have you ever had this ? What is up with that ?
  6. #6 Aaron Venture, Jun 22, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
    Your overall volume is too low, and SoundCloud normalizes it. This will bring you to speed: https://www.tcelectronic.com/brand/tcelectronic/loudness-explained

    It's a great system that, combined with Spotify and iTunes introducing LUFS normalization, beat the loudness war. It's a scale for perceived loudness, not actual peaks or RMS.

    You can now have a lower volume part of your track, like a verse or something at -16 LUFS, and the chorus at -12 LUFS. As long as the chorus isn't longer than the verse, it will average out at -14 LUFS Integrated or less. Just like when you smack your entire song with a limiter to -9 LUFS, it will get taken back down to -14. It will have the same perceived average loudness. Only one is smacked to bits and sounds dead because it's always at the same level, and the other feels natural and its chorus will actually play louder than the smacked one's, simply because of the dynamic variety.

    So if your entire piece is somehow below the target (SC is ~ -12 to -14, I think), the system will automatically bring it up.
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  7. The web site was too much a pain in the butt to navigate. What exactly is the deal ? Is it expensive ?

    It seems no matter what level I export it comes out sounding loud as hell.
    This morning I took a transcription and was orchestrating for Debussy trio
    and it sound like everyone is mf, or even f.

    Dah....... this makes me feel so old and cranky.......... Hey....get off my lawn !!

  8. Yes. It's not a very dynamic piece and there's probably a lot of headroom, so SC brings the volume up.
  9. I like the color changes, specifically when you head to the winds in that end part (with the Glock I believe?)

    Probably not your intention but I feel this could be beautiful overworld music in an beginner area for a million RPGs.

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