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Headshot's Forum

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Samy Cheboub, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Hello there

    I have many things to tell you Mike (not very pleasant to be honest).

    Given that I don't appreciate when people talk behind someone's back, I come to inform you that I will soon talk about you as well as some other members ( NoamL, Alexander Schiborr, Doug Gibson and anyone else who insulted me or endorsed my banishment last year).

    So, I'm just here to inform you, not to create a drama on your forum.

    You can of course ignore my message but you are at least aware of what is coming.

    Everyone is cordially invited : www.modernity-sucks.com

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  2. mom and dad please stop fighting
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  3. @Samy Cheboub - I'm sorry I don't know who you are, but welcome to Redbanned and good luck with your new forum.
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  4. He was headshot on VIC.

    He did that Force Awakens trailer rescore, as well as some satire about modern trailer/hybrid mania. the TLDR was he made a comment about a big band arrangement Zimmer was credited - assuming he didn't write/arrange it all by himself. I'm sure he came up with the motifs and the direction(as well as being generally involved) but it's pretty reasonable to assume he just had an assistant/orchestrator that was familiar with the nuances of the big band format - since it's not something you just "accidently get right the first time". No matter how exceptional Mozart/Bach where, theres about a 0 chance they could impromptu convincingly emulate jazz. Han basically knee jerked that it was even insinuated, and everyone was insulted he had the iron balls to voice his skepticism. And while I don't think it's a big deal either way - people got nasty real fast before he was banned.

    Not that it's a surprise to you I'm sure mike... you tend to ruffle feathers on occasion, it can get mobby quick - even if its someone with your credentials.

    ofcourse those were different times... I'm pretty sure DJ would have been banned after the HZS comments... its actually kind of sad to see him back down a little bit on that... the little fish needed his voice to say what they were all thinking, because anyone else would get skinned alive.

    Really though, mom and dad please don't fight
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  5. Sorry, I don't remember, but certainly there is no fight waiting here. No tolerance for bullshit, either, but that sort of goes without saying. In any case, I think VI-C is mostly a trash fire, judging by what wafts past me when I occasionally log in. Have no fear of that sort of thing migrating within the walls. They're still my walls.
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  7. To be honest, I'm not sure what you're informing me of - that you're going to say "unpleasant things" about me on your new forum? I do not know you, so I'm not sure why this would be of any concern to me. We can't care equally about everyone's opinion; there are just too many people. But again, this place is about support and goodwill, and launching a forum isn't easy, so I wish you the best.
  8. What the hell is this about? Please, none of that here!
  10. Proceeds to create drama.

    Invests the time to create a 14 thread topic (videos and all) on his personal forum to rehash an issue (banning) on another forum (VI-C) and discuss it on this forum. I'm sorry you got banned from VI-C because your skepticism of HZ's score didn't go over well with that community, but I'm even more sorry that it bothered you so much that you had to go to these lengths to address your hurt feelings. Welcome to the Internet, people say awful things.

    Doubtful. But I do (honestly) wish you personal and professional success. I also hope you create the community you'd like on your own forum and learn to let this pathological quest for "justice" go. There are more productive things to do with your time. Cheers.
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  11. You attacked me subtly, hiding your personal attacks and lessons in life behind kind words, to feed the drama and to force me to answer so that you can claim : " you see ! he wanted to create a drama here !!"

    Join my board If you feel to need to explain me how I should handle my life.

    Despite what you said, I only came here to inform.

    So, I said what I had to say, the people concerned are informed : Mike you can block my account.

    Welcome to the internet : people answer to awful things.
  12. Bradley, stop feeding the trolls!
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  13. ehh just a buncha people being edgy for no reason.

    The guy is looking for some justice/closure, that's not exactly trolling. If you don't have anything to do with it - you can choose not to participate, but no need to water down what a troll actually is.

    I don't think many are willing to own up to what they said, but I can't knock the guy for trying. All basically boils down to him making a comment about one of zimmer's pieces - and the forum exploding. Zimmer has a history of not giving credit to his composers on projects - and while that's mostly swept under the rug, this was a pretty clear example of the orchestrator doing 90% of the dirty work, and hans got defensive, and everyone white knighted the guy...

    I could speculate why mike sided with zimmer(professional courtesy) but that's the specific reason samy left an invite here, because mike was involved. So while it might be fun for you to sit on the side lines and throw rocks - you're better off just not participating in the discussion, rather than waste the time and energy to tell everyone you don't care. Samy cares, cared enough to make a website and everything so there would be a platform he wasn't silenced on. Mike may or may not care, but he's atleast been formally invited. A few others(alex S, noam, ect) were involved and were invited, if they care - they'll show up or not show up over there... you on the other hand, have no real dog in this fight - so it's perfectly reasonable for you not to care about it - no need to explain why you don't care, and certainly no need to be dismissive of it as simply being "trolling".

    Taking months working on a forum, putting together evidence, ect - is a very elaborate "troll" if you ask me.
  14. i.e. live and let live brother

    he's looking for accountability, might not get it, but what skin off your back is it?
  15. It's unfortunate that there are members on that forum that have been highly courteous and helpful to me but aren't here. I'm less and less inclined to go there, unless I want a review on a sample library (not often anymore). I don't know who or what drives the "internety"ness about it (senseless arguing, personal insults, the usual forum nonsense).
  16. don't go there for reviews on sample libraries... that's literally the last option. a mixture of lying through the teeth, blind optimism, fan boyism, and simply naïve people who don't have much to compare a library to. I've seen plenty of examples where people will only have lukewarm good things to say about it, but in private/another forum will say what they REALLY think. It's not because they want to deceive, its simply because they know there are certain brands/products you simply cant touch. And ofcourse they also might hold back because they like the developer, and know they frequent the forum. That and the weird cult of personality seems to follow certain developers... where everyone seems to magically love every library by a certain developer even if it sounds largely unusable to my ears(and I do own products I do and don't like from these developers).

    CH orchestral brass is an example... I'm not the best in the universe, but I can't for the life of me figure out the CH obsession. I really like CH solo strings, but getting CH horns and Orchestral brass really killed my enthusiasm.
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  17. You are free to believe what you want, but when you throw out a speculation like that as a fact, I believe you should present some evidence.

    So tell us, how is it a clear example? Where did you get the number? Do you have a confirmation from someone or are you just assuming and throwing numbers around? Why?
  18. I mean if you want to discuss that, feel free to do so on his forum.

    big band music is highly specific, and to nail it on your first try is remarkably suspicious. Not some thing you learn to emulate over night(like making a convincing jazz piece with 0 prior jazz knowledge/experience). It would be like John Williams releasing a high production value dubstep track... it's not a genre you can fumble through - at least not convcingly.

    but the actual arguments for the specifics are on headshots forum in pretty great detail, and I'm pretty sure given Mike's words on the subject when it occurred on ViC, I think he would rather the discussion remain off his forum.

    if you want to know how someone would come to that conclusion - feel free to follow Sam's link. I have no intentions of addressing that subject here

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