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Genre Reference Thread

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Rohann van Rensburg, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Hi folks,

    I thought it might be beneficial to have some sort of ongoing "genre recommendation" thread; Mike obviously mentions frequently that transcription is key, and I sometimes have some particular idea of what kind of sound I'm looking for (in terms of having heard a particular style), but draw blank when I'm trying to look for references to study and transcribe, i.e. looking for references for a typical "Japanese folk" sound,

    It would be fantastic if experienced folks could curate some recommendations here, as even searching playlists on streaming sites typically comes up empty (BBC, CBC and the like tend to be much better). Genres could be within film, games, TV, or not at all. I.e. "Americana" -- <Insert particular score by Aaron Copland>, or "Classic Hollywood Horror" -- Psycho, by Bernard Herrmann (even mentioning the references these composers had would be useful). The "classical" label is an awfully large one to navigate as well, and some quintessential examples of varying styles would be quite helpful for newbies.

    So, anyone want to chip in?
  2. Ok folks -- a few recommendation requests:
    -Traditional Japanese folk songs, the non-westernized/pop versions.
    -That James Bond-y swing sound -- any specific songs or pieces from any of the films that stand out?
  3. Probably the most popular Japanese Folk Song:

  4. For the James Bond stuff, check out The John Barry Seven. Barry started as a 'pop' artist and I'm pretty sure that's how he got involved in film music. You can certainly hear where the James-Bond sound came from in that earlier work.
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  5. Genre: I can take on the entire world genre. Also synths.

  6. Says "video is not available". Only other stuff I could find with "Sakura" was over-produced J-pop.
  7. #7 Rohann van Rensburg, Feb 15, 2018
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    Anything in particular in mind? I know the original melody was pulled from an Indian song Monty Norman wrote for a musical that never made it to stage, but that big sexy jazz arrangement's tonality is what I'm after. I've checked out some of the John Barry Seven and it's somewhat surf-rock-y.
    As an aside, I love Radiohead's song for Spectre (that for some reason got thrown out in favour of Sam Smith's mediocre tune), it has similar flavour albeit more darkly applied:

    More like "I can take on the entire world in an 80s montage"

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