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Full Film Scores

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Aaron Venture, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Reminds me of Jordan Peterson's self authoring program. Heard bits and pieces of it - but in short he has you articulate your vision for your future like 10 years out or something, then you have to come up with a list of things you can do monthly, weekly, and daily, concrete things you can do to actively work towards that vision.

    spending 40 minutes a day either learning how to make music, writing music, mixing music, submitting music, transcribing, something.
  2. Oh yeah.. I know who he is and I think I remember hearing about this in a JRE talk from like a year ago. It sounded interesting but I forgot all about it (/him) since.
    I don't really do any 'visualization' though (but perhaps I should as apparently it's very helpful for some people, it just always sounded like a waste of time/efforts.. you can still be a winner without thinking about becoming / being one for an hour a day).

    Edit: It feels really 'forced', maybe that's a better way of saying it.
  3. its been private for a week now, i don't know why. It was a goldmine!
  4. Oh thats to bad, just a week to late....Were you able to get some scores out which you are maybe willing to share?
  5. I asked a guy who was an active uploader there and apparently publishers were monitoring the sub and are now going after anyone who shared copyrighted scores. In other words, the entire content of that place. The owner set the sub private and deleted his account.

    At this day and age, it's really naive to share illegal material online, expose yourself and expect nothing to happen. We're all being watched by big brother.
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  6. Such a shame. It's not like they're selling these scores and people are unwilling to pay the price for them. And also, don't they have to actually publish something in order to be called "publishers"? Just owning the rights and keeping it on lockdown doesn't make them publishers. So screw them. I buy OMNI scores even though they are a little out of my price range because they are worth it to me. I would pay the same or more if more of these treasures were for sale. Hats of to those who actually try to legally get these scores out (and Intrada for their audio soundtracks). For the ones who sit on their "property" once again, if you are reading this, screw you. I have Ravel, Stravinsky, Holst, and plenty of others I can study. Sorry for ranting.
  7. It stayed open for quite a while so I don't think they cared that much.
    They fucked up by posting stuff that's actually available for purchase like the Superman March, violating not just the law but their own rules.

    Also, can anyone please sort out the EU distribution for those Omni scores? I'd buy them in a heartbeat but not for 150,- bucks a piece..
  8. Yeah, if they're posting stuff that's for sale then I'm absolutely not cool with that. Keep it classy or karma will kick you in the ass.
  9. The amount of material available at OMNI, Hal Leonard and IMSLP should keep you busy for several lifetimes. I had no resources other than my college teacher, old vinyls and a local library. You have no idea how fortunate you are. :)
  10. Man. Late to the party again.

    I messaged the mods awhile ago but haven't heard back. Any chance someone on here might be willing to share? I only want to use these for studying/transcription!
  11. Yup the lawyers found it. Back to being arcane knowledge.
  12. Well, if you know where to look, you can still find them. Hosting copyrighted scores under your full name and having them all in one easy-to-browse place on a no. 6 Alexa site might have been a bad idea, though.
  13. I click on the link, but I don't have access to this. How could I solve it? Thanks!
  14. That's because it has been pulled offline. The files are no longer available. See the last page or so of this thread for an explanation why :).
  15. Has this one been posted yet - swappano.com/ ?
  16. Hi Matthias,
    What a shame :-(
    Hopefully we will have other possibilities ;-)
    Thanks for the answer anyway
  17. I have a few rare scores I nabbed from there, like Bach's Prelude in C. I'll sell for $500 a pop. PM me.
  18. I notice there are a number of John Williams scores on the Hal Leonard site ... but I'm interested in getting Empire of the Sun and I have not found it yet. I presume this is related to the realities of assembling and clearing some of the materials that come from different sources/orchestrators ... and perhaps since the film was not considered a success (relative to his other films). I'm not interested in reductions of Exsultate and Suo Gan, but the whole film score as listed at http://www.jwfan.com/?p=6800. Anyone know if such an assemblage exists?

    More generally, it looks like OMNI Music Publishing has some nice scores ... but just a few. In general, where does one pick up the original scores of movies?
  19. Something I'm still trying to figure out. My best luck has been on a now-dead Reddit page that has...questionably legal, but legitimate scores posted (sometimes hand-written), for the purpose of personal use.

    Despite Lord of the Rings having won an absurd amount of awards (for the music as well), along with books being written about the score and Shore himself being awarded a number of honours (besides the Oscars he won), I can't find anything but a concert medley arranged by someone other than Shore. It's awfully frustrating.

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