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Forbidden Warrior - 1m2 Full Score

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Mike Verta, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Found this one cue in a closet today. I know people have been asking for the full score, which I'll eventually get to, but in the meantime, here's a good transcription exercise and score.


    The cue on the soundtrack is called "Two Kingdoms" and can be heard on Spotify:

  2. This score illustrates that you don't need to have a lot of real instruments to get a full sound. [Somewhat unlike VIs]
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  3. Thanks for sharing! Love this remark here :D

    Attached Files:

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  4. Thanks Mike! Much appreciated!
  5. @Mike Verta

    Ahh.... Arigatou Sensei

    My Sibelius playback is no match for your orchestra.

  6. Great work Mike. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Bump.

    @Mike Verta

    any critique?
  8. I mean.. it sounds like it :) I have to brave my storage facility for the full score. It was all done by hand, and needs to be Finale/Sibelius/Dorico'd.
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  9. Well, I will take that! I have certainly had worse things said about my work.

    Uh oh. I don't know if you recall but you said the same thing when I transcribed this while waiting for my son to be born.

    He is now 3 and 1/2 years old.

    I don't think I can add PDF's or Sibelius Files to this forum

    I'll make you a deal: If you can brave your storage facility and wade thru any perversions you have in there (Dead bodies, Blow up Sex dolls, MAGA hats) I'll typeset any, or even the whole, Forbidden Warrior score in Sibelius for you, and send them to you. Free. You get the typeset scores.
    Just scan them and I'll copy exactly what you wrote into Sibelius for you.

    Same for the Batman.
  10. Wow, Nice offer! Can't wait for the class with commentary and analysis on these scores. If nothing else, it would be really great to have a comparison between the NotePerformer and the Orchestral versions. A lot could be learnt from this.
  11. Besides "I wanted it that way," was there any particular reasoning behind those really high bass pizzicatos in 16 – 19, and the whole note pizz in 20? Merely curious.
  12. Not sure if you are asking me or Mike.

    For my answer: It's just a guess. This is a takedown by ear. Maybe it's Cellos and more stuff is divided up top in violas vln2. IDK.

    Those are the pitches - I believe. At least I got this

    I find with takedown there is always 2 phases:

    1. The heavy lifting: Putting the notes on the page with your best guess.
    2. Reflection: Take a break, come back a little later with fresh ears/eyes, not feeling personal about it all, and then contemplation of if there is a more effective way to get the same result.

    Basically take everything you see in my score with a grain of salt. That might (most likely not) not be the way it was really scored.

    Best wishes

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  13. If you put them in Google Drive you can.
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  14. Great job on the Batman score. I would love to get a copy of it.
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  15. It's already been posted on here for download. Let me know if you can or cannot find it.

    If needed I am happy to post it again.

    Cheers !

  16. I was able to find it. I look forward to studying this.
    Such a great piece. Some great work on your part
    by the way.
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  17. 3 bags of cocaine later......... here is your score.

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