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Expression of Interest ?

Discussion in 'Opportunities' started by Doug Gibson, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Hello Redbanned community.

    Over the past three years, I have been really fortunate to be basically swamped with work continuously.

    Prior to my break into film music orchestration I maintained a private studio next to Carnegie Hall teaching composition.
    I often had between 10-15 students per week. During that time period I worked with many wonderful people.
    Some projects I advised on include

    Kaki King: Carnegie Hall Premier

    Sumi Tonooka: American Composers Orchestra South Dakota Composer in residence

    Erica Lindsey: Detroit Symphony reading with Leonard Slatkin

    I also helped students apply and get accepted into Berklee school of music, NYU Film Comp, USC film course, Cal St. Northridge, Boston University, Cal St. Fullerton and other programs and competitions.

    I have also, and greatly enjoy, working with people who have full-time jobs and are just interested in composition for fun. (aka: normal, well adjusted people)

    With the full time work, being a Dad, and NYC rent being what it is; gradually I just focused more on the freelance work and stopped marketing my teaching studio. As the freelance income began to exceed the teaching I just had to phase one out. It also allowed me to be free of monthly rent for the studio.

    It was a smart move, but I miss it. I really do enjoy teaching.

    I would like to find a “goldilocks” solution (the just right porridge).

    That is why I am writing this. @MVerta (I’ll pm you in private. I hope this post is not stepping on your toes.)

    My goal is teach 5 students a week over Skype (or hangouts or other)
    That’s about as much as I can do, and would enjoy that.

    So I am thinking to promote this, and it would be kinda fun for me, is actually working on my blog and youtube channel.
    (go figure)

    My idea would be to take a sketch or first draft of a piece and flesh it out a little. Just like my posts here, but more in depth.

    That’s were Redbanned comes in.

    I am asking if anyone has a composition that you would like me to work on, and I will go through it like I would in a lesson. It could be a win-win. You get free advice and I would use this to market my teaching practice.

    You can absolutely request to be anonymous if you wish, or we can use your name.

    I am thinking I will keep all videos to about 20-25 minutes. So you would defiantly get more comments than my usual here (none of that will change btw)

    With this idea, I do want to limit it to 10 pieces max. Each would be individual videos
    This way we have a range and variety. (I am not doing a Unleashed marathon) .

    I am going to approach it much more like Bob Ross episode than Mike V. (see below if you do not know the name)
    ( I say that out of respect. It would be a disservice to try and model Sensei Verta's teaching )

    I wanted to offer it only here first and see if there is any interest. If so just mail either a Sibelius or midi/xml file to me :


    There is a nice close knit community here (mostly) and wanted to only offer it here.

    One last point: If you send me a piece, I cannot guarantee I will make a video out of it.
    Please don’t make that mean anything. It could be out of a variety of reasons, or simply me having my head up my ass.
    One thing I want to avoid is lots of similar pieces. Also a sketch could be just as likely as a fully fleshed out work. I would like examples of both. I am just saying this so if you send a kick ass, fully orchestrated piece and I choose a 1-4-5 piano melody piece I am not saying one is BETTER than the other. Far from it.

    Thank you for reading this and your consideration


  2. That sounds like a great idea, and it's super cool that you offered to take the pieces here from the RB community! I'll probably send some of my rough sketches just to see what would you do with them, but there may be others here who could benefit from it more. I'm sure everyone will learn from your videos, but having your own piece taken apart is a much deeper connection.

    Boys and girls, here's your chance!

    Ah, Bob. The world did not deserve him.
  3. #3 Paul T McGraw, Jun 16, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2018
    @Doug Gibson it is exciting to hear about the growth of your film orchestration work! I cannot imagine how much studio rental in New York would cost, but it must be enormous. Sounds to me like a smart economic move to just work from home.

    I love the idea of the tutorial videos. I personally never get tired of learning more about composing and orchestration.

    Doug, you have given a LOT of your time on this forum to help others, and I know that many of us are grateful for your efforts. Your posts are always informative, illuminate key issues, and offer ideas for improvement without condescension or arrogance. Being able to offer useful critique without being hurtful is a difficult task, but you accomplish it marvelously.

    I personally thank you for helping me one on one with harmonies and improving counterpoint in my Brass Quintet in F minor. I appreciate the way that you can relate to almost any sort of music from jazz to cinematic to concert to whatever it is that I write. :confused: If you are only going to have five "students" per week, I hope you will allow me to book one of those spots. I'll send you an email.
  4. Doug,
    Thank you for all the time, advice and direction you provided me on a piece of mine (the Herrmannesq one).

    >> My goal is teach 5 students a week over Skype (or hangouts or other)

    I am very interested in composition lessons from you, a professional.

    >> I have also, and greatly enjoy, working with people who have full-time jobs and are just interested in composition for fun. (aka: normal, well adjusted people)

    I hope liking Bob Ross instructional videos is not your definition of normal ;-) Or, are you hinting that you wear a Bob Ross wig during lessons?

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  5. Of course ! Sold !

    I sent you a private email already too.

    All the best, and looking forward !
  6. Of course. Just drop me an email at your convenience and we can discuss further the details.
    Sounds great !

    For me it is. When I was a teenager I used to try and paint along to his show. Mine always looked like Jackson Pollock however. (yes, I became a 20 year old virgin)

    No...... but I might make it a "Happy Chord", and "give it some friends" ;)
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  7. Doug: Would love some more info, and am interested in private lessons as well (finances permitting, will have to let you know there). In any case, if you'd make recorded classes available I'd very much be interested. You've been immensely helpful here, and the video you do have have also been quite insightful and helpfully echo many of the values and principles found here.
  8. I have first up a piece from Dillion (Scarlet Woman) that I will be making a video on.

    I have a cold at the moment and sound like one of Marge Simpsons sisters, so I need my voice to get back to normal to
    make it.

    Also, making the musical comments is easy...... I am going to experiment with how to make the video interesting to watch.
  9. Love the idea Doug. I've just orchestrated one of Brahms' piano sonatas. Do you want me to pass you the score?
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  10. Send me one of your pieces. Sketch is fine.
  11. By 'your pieces,' do you mean something I've written, ie. not someone else's music I've orchestrated?

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