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Email List?

Discussion in 'Forum How-To's' started by Rohann van Rensburg, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Would someone please enlighten me on how to join an "upcoming masterclasses" email list? I'm glad I re-checked the upcoming Brass Masterclass thread or I would have missed the Indiegogo campaign. I know you can obviously subscribe to threads, but am I missing an obvious "opt in" anywhere for emails?
  2. Masterclasses -> Classes and Discussion

    Scroll down past the class sub-forums and below the "Post new thread" you'll see "Watch forum".


    This should shoot you an email every time this forum updates, which is only when Mike is announcing a new class. Not exactly as straightforward as an email subscription, but it works.
  3. Thanks Aaron! I saw Mike mention an email list in a YouTube comment once (I think) but this will work fine.

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