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Elfman Violin Concerto

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Mattia Chiappa, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. If anyone is interested, I actually found a "preview" version of the full score: http://scorelibrary.fabermusic.com/Concerto-for-Violin-and-Orchestra-Eleven-Eleven-36433.aspx
    I was really surprised to find out that we could actually look at it in this perusal version... but I'm not gonna complain!

    I was also surprised to discover that the violin is supposed to be amplified. In the recording it does sound like it wouldn't work AS WELL without pushing the volume of the violin a bit, but I guess I didn't quite consciously realize it. Maybe it'll be way more obvious on my next listen, who knows :D

  2. Sweet !! I guess my work here is done. Yeah, I agree; it does not sound like an amplified violin. Maybe for the studio recording, there was no need for it?

    I was just looking over the part in the score from the last video, and indeed it is notated very differently than what I suggested.
    Well......there you go. :oops: Such is life.
  3. I've redone the "Going to Gotham" part in Sibelius because I love it. I need to know how to write stuff like this.

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  4. Nice find Francesco! Thank you.

    @Doug - I wonder how much we'll miss if you don't continue your analysis? Sure we will learn new things from the score, although I really appreciate it seeing it through your eyes/ears as it was very helpful to see a different way of looking at it/thinking about it than I would have done myself.

    @Sylvian - Nice mockup in Sib. Sib is nice as you can isolate sections and hear what they sound like playing individually or in groups which is a bit harder to do as quickly with a full sample mix. I also like to put a piano reduction at the bottom which helps me with analyzing all the staves.
  5. Man, I had a long reply that got deleted. Basically I asked if there is any spots anyone would like me to go over ?
    I have not heard the final movement, but so far the 2nd is my favorite by a long shot.

    I also asked for some "gifs" like this from ya'll.

    Doug Is Funky.gif

    Lastly, I claimed that if Eflman can quote Donna Summer in his piece I get the first claim on this song for a Russian inspired piano concerto.


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