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Dragonflight - Shredding on the guitar

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Alexander Schiborr, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Man that sounds fantastic. Are you still working on the mix? I found the vocals blended a bit with the guitar near the end of the clip, cool effect if intentional.

    We'll all need more TP when this is ready.
  2. Yeah sure..that thing isn´t done yet. I have yet to try out different mixing approaches in general in that song. I found out that a 6 stack of backing and doublings here and there creates a very big chorus effect which pushes certain parts really epic. So we recorded actually 10 Vocal lines:

    1. Main more aggressive line with a bit of gritty character
    2. Two clean ones which are mixed slightly lower in volume with a slight panning (+20/-20)
    3. 2 more octave bass backings for chorus (+40/-40)
    4. 4 more main singing lines for a few spots. (spreaded throughout the whole stereo panning spectrum)
  3. Hope I didn't sound critical, it sounds awesome! Are you going for a Blind Guardian vocal-stacking effect?
  4. #84 Alexander Schiborr, Aug 4, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
    All good..:Dnot yet satisfied by myself in some ways. So, I have reworked the overall mix from ground on. Trying out also today a few different bassdrum and snareshells...probably some Ludwig Bassdrum and Tama snare shell. Yes old Guardian / demons & wizards is definitely that thing there. Its so funny, I saw on the Telekom Magenta the live stream from Demons and Wizards 2 days ago. I mean that gig was through the roof, so great. Hansi Kürsch is a gentleman and such a great vocals imo and also a great entertainer. I love that he is able to vary from so clean almost petshop boys like smooth voice to this really aggressive rock 80s kind of roaring things. Even my wife liked the music and gig a lot (though she is not that much into that genre) but because yes it is powermetal but with a dark undertone and edge, it is not so cheesy overly bright harmonies and overused trope cadences, you know. (Probably like the guys from Powerwolf)? :D it has also that 80s vibe in the music and a classic heavy metal riff. (lol, whatever that is you could ask then)
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  5. Ah just saw that too. So good. Hansi's singing is still amazing, especially for 52. Both him and Dickinson have really kept it up despite wrecking their voices earlier (Dickinson with throat cancer). Yeah it definitely has a darker tinge to it, definitely Schaffer's influence. He's still tight with those triplets too.

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