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Darth Trump

Discussion in 'The RedBanned Bar & Grill' started by Doug Gibson, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Is there anything more offensive than this 2004 Special Edition transfer? Christ that thing is atrocious. Who did the color grading, Stevie Wonder?
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  2. #4 Alexander Schiborr, Sep 5, 2017
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    I mean don´t get me wrong people. There are lot of things you can critzise about Trump. But honestly actually I feel that there is nothing but Trump Bashing everywhere. And this is sickening me a bit. Also on ViC. Some of those people there are more concentrating on having debates instead of talking about good things like music.
    Didn´t he donated actually 1 Million Dollar for the people in Texas? I think thats not so bad of him. I mean..does this guy only do bad things? I mean..there are millions who voted for him? But..I don´t want a big discussion here on Trump, I am just sometimes baffled that there is nothing else to talk about in politics anymore.
  3. Actually from this side of the pond, doesn't look that he is incredibly worse tan Hillary, but it's easier to bash him, I guess. We have a saying here regarding politicians: 'they are the same dogs with different collars' (doesn't translate well into English, sounds better in Spanish) :)
    I too prefer to talk about the beautiful things in life like music...
  4. I needed that laugh!
    So full disclosure, I work for the US Department of State. I'm a diplomat living in Frankfurt, Germany. I actually work for the executive branch of the US Government. I work for this guy.

    So here goes. These comments are my own and do not reflect the views of the US Department of State.

    We can debate politics, no problem. Legitimate arguments can be made on all sides of immigration, healthcare, tax reform, education, financial regulation, etc. I don't hate or bash anyone who thinks different on that stuff. I don't care.

    There is no debate on institutionalized racial profiling, systematic humiliation, bigotry, white supremacy, neo-nazism, and race based hate. None. There is right and wrong, good and evil. I've seen first hand what systematic and institutionalized racism has done to generations of black Americans. The thought of my 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son having to live through some of the shit I did because there skin has a tint to it, horrifies me. No child should have a police officer point a gun to their head "just because". Let that sink in......just because. Imagine your son on the ground with a knee to the neck and a gun to the temple in front of your own house. Imagine your daughter chased by a group of angry white boys because "people like you don't belong in this neighborhood". Anyone who courts the darkest corners of the human nature, and "dog whistles" to hate, winks and condones the violence that inevitably follows. In America, than means young black kids get beat, shot, or run over.

    Trump can go kick rocks, with open toed shoes.

    .......oh yeah; right/left, conservative/liberal, it would be nice to have competency in the White House .

    And don't give me any of that "Oh they are all like that" bullshit. I deal with the man or woman in the seat now. I don't compare any of them to their predecessors. That line of argument has never made any since to me. "...oh I know rape is wrong, but the guy who had this job before raped people so it's ok for the current guy to rape different people". Sounds pretty stupid to me.

    OK. That was my rant. Back to transcribing "Tears of a Jedi".
  5. There are rants, but I prefer arguments. I can't quite tell, but I think you're suggesting that Donald Trump is responsible for police officers' behavior, and I think further, that Donald Trump is a racist. I have yet to see anything but evidence to the contrary on that point, so if you have some, beyond parroting the incessant, anti-intellectual hysterical bleating of halfwits on the news, please present it. So far, like Diogenes, I have yet to meet someone who can make an argument to this effect which can withstand even cursory intellectual scrutiny, but I'm an optimist. Interestingly, I was at a party recently where a racist WASP from Florida was present, who was particularly miffed that Trump had let the blacks and Jews into his golf course because he felt the place was going downhill as a result. This being a party attended by Los Angelenos, I was nearly witness to one of those does-not-compute brain-exploding conflicts like Captain Kirk was always using to blow up rogue computers, as they struggled to figure out how to condemn this person without taking Trump's side. Mostly they just stood there like the empty-headed jackoffs they are, and went back to talk about movie financing.

    In any case, I've also run all the hard numbers on just how many police officers are offing innocent black kids on their way home from church, and I have good news, or bad news depending on how you look at it. Since one half of my family is CPD on the south side of Chicago, which is quite literally more dangerous than many war zones, I've heard some interesting perspectives on the matter.
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  6. I posted the clip above as much for the "Star Wars" aspect, and what I thought was humor.

    Was not intended to open a serious political debate.
    I never thought for a moment that a Darth Vader talking about his steaks at Sharper Image, or Iowa polls would have any serious sway on any ones views........ it's kinda funny..... a little?
  7. Oh yes, the video is funny! ;)
  8. Mike,

    I grew up in Washington DC during the late 80's early 90's. Had a one foot in two different worlds. I grew up half Cosby Show (without the roofies, LOL) and half Boyz in the Hood). My dad was general counsel for the Montgomery County Police Department labor union and my godfather was a Maryland state trooper. The only person responsible for behavior is that person. A bad cop isn't bad because he or she is a cop, they are bad because he or she is a bad person who just happens to be carrying a gun. No more, no less.

    I don't think Trump is a racist. I think he is morally ambivalent to the existence of racism and is willing to twist and manipulate it for his own purposes. The tougher problem is I can't figure out what those purposes are. "Dog Whistles", winks and nods are real. Can anyone explain the logic behind pardoning a Sheriff held in contempt for violating peoples' civil rights and breaking the law? There is no spin there. That's just what he did. The only message I can see here is that it is Ok the violate peoples' civil rights and break the law. I'm always open to a more logical interpretation if one exists, but that's all I've got.

    I wouldn't care so much if I didn't have children, but I have to find a way to explain all this to my kids in a way that keeps them balanced. Two days after the election, a group of 10 year old American boys was on my daughter's school bus singing "The Black People Song", using the N-word and talking about making America great again. When my daughter stood up and told them to stop, one of them called her a "dumb black girl". She punched him in the head. There are so many disturbing aspects of the interaction. These kids where comfortable with this. My daughter was moved to violence. There is danger here and I have to sort it out for my baby girl so that she does not loose her fire to stand up for what is right, but at the same time knows not to put her self in a dangerous position.

    This is a parents frustration. Like you @Mike Verta, my kids mean everything to me. They have already been exposed to somethings no 10 or 12 year old should have to deal with yet. I have to nurture the best in them but at the same time prepare them for a world that can and will be cruel to them because of the way they look. All parents have to face this dilemma in one way or another. Trump just makes this more complicated. He and the response to him, is like a signal compressor with a threshold cranked all the way up. Everything is distorted. Try cleaning that up.
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  9. #11 Noam Levy, Sep 6, 2017
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    (EDIT: right on Gharun)

    Alexander, those "bleating halfwits on the news" as Mike calls them did this thing I like to call investigative journalism. Trump has claimed to give millions to different charities and causes. Reporters called the supposed beneficiaries and found Trump had never sent them money. This was the case dozens of times. Who behaves like this? If you behaved like this would you be proud of yourself? if your parent or child behaved like Donald what would you think? If they came to you and said they were going to donate a million to flood victims would you believe it or would you walk away saying sarcastically "Okay let me know when the check clears"? Moreover what would you think if you had a second relative, who constantly attacked you for following up with this guy's behavior and treating him with a long since deserved skepticism and "not giving Donald a chance"? Or constantly deflecting that some third relative is a shady lawyer and why do we never talk about her and by the way she's behind a secret Jew plot to tear your family apart and disown Donald? You see how insane this is?

    If you went to a fucking movie and the bad guy was a millionaire going around promising other people's money to good causes, while giving nothing away for real, but somehow opening the charity's checkbook to write a check for $7.00 to cover his kid's Boy Scout registration fee, you'd wince. If you saw that he used the charity to renovate a fountain in front of his own 80s-tacky hotel and buy not one BUT TWO portraits of himself, you'd start to talk over the movie. If in the next scene the villain gatecrashed an AIDs fundraiser (to which he had given nothing) to hold a photo op pretending to be a donor? You'd walk out saying "Fuck you Sandler." That is below C grade movie writing. That's unacceptably bad movie writing for a movie where the hero is a basketball-playing dog. It's also real life. Donald Trump did that. The reason Trump keeps getting away with what he's doing is because people refuse to revise their expectations down to the level of behavior he demonstrates. No human could be this bad, surely. Even now, while reading this, you may be thinking to yourself "This has the tone of a rant. I can't believe this. This is non-credible, what Noam is informing me." Anyone who thinks a human being is this bad, surely must be suffering from some kind of prolonged hysteria thanks to credulously believing a "cloud of unprecedented negativity" surrounding this person. Right? No. Donald Trump is this bad. Retreating into epistemic nothingness like Mike is a pretty worrying tell.
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  10. Sorry @Alexander Schiborr. I'm not sure why that all just came out here. Maybe I feel safe expressing myself with you guys because I know we are all like minded where it counts....on the music.......and whisky ;). I've been "adulting" for so long, it just felt good to get something off the chest. Don't worry. I won't make a habit of it.
  11. It's hilarious that you put Adam Sandler in that movie.
  12. Its all fine. Everybody is entitled to have free speech and say how he feels like. If you feel better now, thats fine! :)
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  13. Here's a fun true story. I designed a nightclub for Donald Trump's new yacht in the late 80's. I was a leading nightclub lighting designer in the UK at the time and the fit-out was being managed by a very posh UK yacht broker. The brief from the contractor was; "cram every imaginable lighting effect known to man into the ceiling and make sure it's programmed so that it can be run from a single button (not so easy in the 80's). Donald will only ever visit it once and it's got to look incredible for 5 minutes to impress whatever bimbo he has in tow. Likely it will never get used again."

    I had enormous fun trying to spend as much money as humanly possible in really quite a tight space. I was looking forward to spending a few months in the US ( Miami in the 80's baby!) making sure it worked for that one time. Of course Donald went bankrupt (again) and the half-built yacht was repo'd. So close...
  14. It is totally incomprehensible to me how someone would support or defend Trump ... I mean, sure: there is kind of a sport of doing these Facebook entries by some self-righteous people who did not care about social equality, environment protection and all other important projects of mankind before this man got elected. And now they seem to enjoy kicking the ass of evil. This seems to me like the last opinion that a majority of society can share as a common ground and it is just a cover up of the real differences between all people sharing that single opinion, but having deeply different visions about what needs to be done.
    But on the other hand: common! Trump is not racist? There is plenty of actions and words of his, that he is. But I don't even care as much for this fact, as rather for him betraying his own followers. He promised a whole lot of things to all those dispossessed folks and it clearly shows step by step that he indeed only further takes away the last measures that prevent a social collapse. The fact that some people use faked statements of Trump to further discredit him doesn't take away from that. I don't approve of faked info on the web, but it is not something that only Trump is a victim of. Clinton received the same treatment during election! Only, he is the president now and so the focus is on him (remember all those laughable and false accusations against Obamah before).
  15. #18 Paul T McGraw, Jan 5, 2018
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    It is totally incomprehensible to me how anyone can be so vain and self-righteous as the Trump haters. They seem to think that everyone who does not agree with them is an ignorant fool. They also seem to think that just because Trump was a better choice than Hilary, that somehow means everyone who voted for Trump is somehow in agreement with everything he ever did or said or everything he ever will say or do in the future. Are all leftists exactly in lockstep regarding every opinion? No? Then perhaps it should not be too difficult to understand that everyone who supports Trump is not always of an identical opinion.

    OK, bring on the hate and the personal insults. The left has cowed most conservatives into silence, and I almost didn't reply to this thread because I would like to be friends with everyone on this website regardless of politics. But I know from painful experience that is not true for leftists. Oh well, bring on the hate. Throw me to the lions. Better to die free than live a coward.
  16. Sheriff Arpaio did not break the law. He was doing his best to enforce the law. He broke a court order from a judge who was trying to stop him from enforcing the law. In my opinion, judicial tyranny is the single greatest threat to our freedom in the USA. If judges simply followed the law as codified by the Constitution as written by the founders and laws enacted by the Congress, all of us would be better off.

    My son earned a degree with a Masters in Accounting from the University of Georgia. He applied for work with several federal agencies that advertised job openings. He went to several job fairs for federal agencies. No one would talk to him. The only applicants of interest were women and blacks. You can believe this or not. But there is only one group that is systematically, legally, discriminated against in this country by virtue of affirmative action, and that is white men. I have felt the burden of it my entire life, and now my sons are being punished by it. There needs to be affirmative action for conservatives in the state department since over 90% of the employees are leftists.
  17. Oh, wow! So, it is the white people that were actually victims of bias and prejudice all these years?! Paul, you really make it easy to look down on Trump supporters! :) There certainly are people who are able to talk me into corners, people with more skill in that kind of thing. But with this you just demonstrate who you really are ... no need to have any further conversation with you.
    I have just said there is not much to be said in defense about Mr. Trump - even a lot of educated conservatives will agree. You on the other hand just insinuated things I did not say and applied you own bias, tagging everyone you disagree with as a leftist. I know enough by now that people with that kind of foe image are just impossible to reason with. Whoever taught you that the enemy is coming from the left did either have view of the world from times of Cold War or just doesn't understand a single thing about how our societies work and where problems stem from.

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