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Composing PowerTip #23,667

Discussion in 'RedBanned TV' started by Mike Verta, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Way to go Mike! That was an awesome video. I will readily admit to having my own personal struggles in this area.

    If you have time, I would love to have the benefit of your explanation as to how these principles apply to some real-world examples. The opening of Harry Potter, or the fellowship theme from Lord of the Rings, or an easy one, the Star Wars Imperial March, Or perhaps Reys theme from the Force Awakens.

    Or this could be an idea for another master class. You could basically just go through a bunch of the big blockbuster themes, and show how the composer made the theme relatable to the audience. As I said, I for one certainly could benefit from more on this subject.
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  2. Excluding a few examples, isn't the problem with modern film music that the themes aren't very relatable and there is a generally homogeneous sound in Hollywood blockbusters?
  3. Sorry, I should have specified better quality blockbuster scores. And they would not have to be very, very recent. I just don't think most people would be interested in Korngold or Rosza. So let's see, say since 2000 we probably have plenty. The original music for "Fantastic Beasts" is very striking. "Force Awakens", "LOTR", "Hobbit", "Harry Potter". the new "Jurassic Park" movies, plus I'm sure there are lots more.
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  4. So you mean John Williams scores (and their derivatives) then :p well of course they're good. I think the LOTR and Hobbit scores are fantastic too (although I didn't like the hobbit films), they're more New Zealand than Hollywood though ;)

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