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Class-Breakdown Spreadsheet

Discussion in 'Template Balancing' started by Sam Miller, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. I've taken responsibility for this one and it's been listed as "In Progress" for a while, so I figure I'd better provide an update.

    I've uploaded my progress so far into Jason Tackaberry's spreadsheet. The original thread is here.
    I've placed a notation in the last row to show where I'm up to, "@3:34:40." I'm working through the video as I'm remaking my template, so progress is slow but steady. I'm also collating a list of questions that I'll post here after the fact.


  2. What is it ? I mean what is the project ?
  3. It is a project to create an index of the topics discussed in each marsterclass, with timestamps and relevant information

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