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Caspian Brass by Performance Samples!

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks & Talk' started by Alexander Schiborr, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. #1 Alexander Schiborr, Nov 28, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
    Hey Guys.

    I would like to recommend something cool to you and that is the Caspian Brass from Jasper Blunk:


    It was released today and I was able to be a beta tester and I have to say: Man, that thing is really great. Why? Well, the brass is practically in the vein of adventure brass, so it offers the same philosophy in true playable one patch approach.

    It has 3 trumpets, 6 french Horns and 3 bass Bones. Where I see caspian brass shines brighter than ADB are the differences in the sonic finger print and room. While Adventure brass is very dry the caspian brass offers a bigger real room fingerprint with its decca and wide tree micings, but it has also close micings for the direct information punch.

    I therfore would put caspian brass for my personal taste a stage above adventure brass because it just sounds more lively to me. I know that you guys like to work with adventure brass and I think the Caspian Brass could be a great addition to your composing arsenal.

    Normally I don´t do any advertising for a product and I never did in the past.But here I strongly believe that this is a very strong and powerful library also for you guys here. I like small developers like "performance samples" (Jasper Blunk) and I strongly believe that small companies should get more exposure and help them to establish their position in the market. I stand fully behind the library otherwise I wouldn´t write this here.

    naked "honest" demo (default setttings with Decca mainly and a bit of close), no eq, no compression, no limiter..no big editing, all performed:


    In context (using more prominently close micings with a touch of decca and wide)

    @Mike Verta I hope that is ok with that thread? I see such thread not as adveritising but more like trying to do something good to you guys. Just let me know what you think.
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  2. I'm about to get this, I'm a sucker for playable libraries like this and it sounds a lot better than adventure brass to me. How does it do at lower dynamics?
  3. Imo very good and smooth. Shall I record a dynamic showcase session for you guys here?
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  4. sounds good man!
  5. Not bad - I'm missing some of the attacks that you can get with Adventure Brass though. Also sounds a bit nasally at some places.
  6. #6 Alexander Schiborr, Nov 28, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
    I most of the time didn´t used in my demo the last double forte layer for the brass to keep the performance a bit more musical, but I can tell that the attacks are also great.
  7. I'm a big fan of all Jasper's libraries; this is the first product of his that I won't be getting however because I'm all set with Adventure Brass and Trailer Brass.

    As far as the comparison between AB & CB, I think the horns are nothing to write home about in both libraries (perhaps they do not take well to this sampling methodology). The a2 and a6 ensemble horns in Hollywood Brass are still some of the best horns ever recorded (while the trumpets and bones of that library SIGNIFICANTLY pale against later libraries... so you have to pick your poison...).

    With the trumpets, I feel like AB has a superior, aggressive, blast-over-the-orchestra marcato sound. But the trumpets in CB have a lighter, more songlike and upbeat tone. They're about even there.

    With the trombones, CB has some of the most exciting samples I ever heard for trombone. Sampling the bass bones was definitely a smart move. The low brass of AB is a bit stuffy sounding (the tuba more so than the bones). However, I've got so many other options for trombones that I decided to pass on this library.

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