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Building a TARDIS

Discussion in 'UNIT M3' started by Mike Verta, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. An unlisted video from TARDISbuilders.com where I'm chronicling my build of a screen-accurate 1980 TARDIS police box....

  2. I look forward to the rest. I wonder what other gems lurk in your unlisted YouTube uploads...
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  3. Interesting project. I look forward to updates, BUT, the big question is, can you build it bigger on the inside? :D
  4. If I was doing this, I would make an underground bunker with access via an elevator and have the Tardis as the entrance, maybe have the bunker as a studio or man cave :D
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  5. Impressive! Did you model the geometric imperfections from the original in Rhino and had it CNC milled from one layer multiplex wood and one layer mdf?
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  6. Yep!
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