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Althyria score

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by William Kersten, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. This is a score I did for a film I also did (which may not be released - still uncertain). So it may be a marooned film score. This is a suite of excerpts - I used a small orchestra of strings - VSL solo and Dimension strings so that there are only 11 string players total - harp, celesta, percussion and solo flute. I was trying to do a sound for it that was unpretentiously small, because the film itself is very low budget and small-scale. It occurred to me that having a massive Mahlerian orchestration on a little low budget movie is a bit ridiculous. Though it is so easy to do with samples! Also I love the Val Lewton films with Roy Webb music so I was thinking along those lines though the music is in a different harmonic style.


    One thing that might be amusing is how I had the melody for the main theme going through my head, but hadn't actually sat down and written harmonization of any kind. I evidently had a feeling for what the harmony was, but not conscious knowledge of the chord progression. So I kept trying various accompaniment and coming up with horrendously wrong chords for the "feel" of the melody. That seems somehow weird doesn't it? - it seems that the harmonization should be instant if you have a melody in mind, but it is often not with me even though I have enough of an idea of it to react against violently the various errors I make. Does anyone else have that happen? I finally ended up with a combination of minor diatonic and an 8-tone scale - that is on the main title them at the beginning. A lot of the rest of it is in a pure 8-tone harmony with short motifs.
  2. I like this very much!!

    Bravo !

    Reminds me of the Hermann Twilight zone scores.

    However, it sounds a lot thicker than 11 strings. You would want more in the studio I would wager.
  3. Doug, thanks. It is physically impossible for me to avoid any Herrmann influences since my most basic neural structures and synaptic connections were formed by Herrmann. Those Twilight Zone scores of his were fantastic. He did some radical experimentation in other TV music at the time, such as his scores for the Alfred Hitchcock Hour (somewhat later than Alfred Hitchcock Presents). I remember one complete soundtrack he did for an episode that was ONLY BASSOONS with a contrabassoon. It was around 8 bassoons from what I could tell, having heard it only once. But as with all his music, it was totally flawless as accompaniment for the episode. Now just compare that to the usual today - massive symphony orchestra spread and dolloped as thickly as possible over everything. (Then usually covered up by sound FX.)

    You are probably right on the number of strings on this - believe it or not I have lost the main project file for this. I have a severe problem with organization. I think I have it somewhere though and will check.

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