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Adams A7X or Avantone CLA 10’s?

Discussion in 'Current Gear' started by Samuel Diaz, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone, planning to buy new studio monitors but need some advice. I’ve used krks, mackies, genelecs etc. but recently I tested a pair of Adams A7X at a store and absolutely loved them, the problem thought is that some people recommend NS-10’s and I know are very popular amongst mixers for revealing alot of crucial details in the mix etc. Has any one ever dealt with these two and can compare?

    P.S- Avantone basically remade the NS-10s but with the new name CLA-10 to avoid any confusion with the thread title.
  2. I would never, ever get NS-10s over A7Xs.

    In my humble opinion, NS-10s sound like shit, but some people like them because of the fact. It's a very old speaker model and unless you're feeling nostalgic, there's really no reason to go there. You won't have any trouble spotting details with A7X. Sub bass might be one region where you will, so if that's your thing get a Sub10MK2 (unless it dies, it will be your studio sub for-life). But then again, NS-10s are even worse in this area.
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  3. Good to know, thanks for your feedback @Aaron Venture that was great input and advice. I think I'm gonna go in the direction of the Adams then. I've also noticed that a lot of these guys who use NS-10s also use another pair of monitors in addition but I only want one and I guess it wouldn't make sense to just use ns-10s, plus I've heard that they are terrible in the bass regions like you mentioned. I think in an interview with Daniel Pemberton from spitfire audio, Christian was poking fun at Daniel for just using NS-10's as his monitoring speakers :eek:
  4. They're very different. I've been using S2As for years, the big brother of the A7 with better quality drivers and amps.

    There are a few specific reasons that people like NS10s. They have extremely good response (frequency/phase/distortion) right in the midrange, 500Hz to 3k. So if you're mixing rock music – vocals, guitars, piano, snare drums, etc – that's where most of your work is. Second, they don't have a lot of bass and treble to make your mix sound pretty, so if it sounds good there it will sound great on bigger monitors. Third, they are very harsh. So if there's a problem at 5k, it's like an icepick. You're forced to deal with it because it sounds so much worse than it would on another speaker.

    So I might use them as a second monitor but I wouldn't want to listen to them all day long. I use an old mono Auratone as my secondary monitor reference, they reveal things that I don't notice on the ADAMs. Then I switch back and hear it, oh yeah that guitar note really jumps out.
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