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A New Dawn - Sweet Orchestral Theme

Discussion in 'Critique & Feedback' started by Mattia Chiappa, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I finished this piece moments ago. Please share your thoughts!

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  2. Nice to hear your work again. Improvement is certainly showing, so keep up the great work.

    An unfair question of me to ask about this piece: Why ?

    Not just to you either.

    Been hearing a number of these kind of pieces here lately.

    I would like to hear something more personal. There is so much like this out there already.
    It almost always sounds like a formula, and leave me little to be surprised or connect with the composer.

    It's great you have learned how to do it, and have it in your tool-kit when called upon.

    Leave it there IMO. These kind of pieces, IMO, are like "Trailer Music" John Williams fans make.
    (as in the same critique/ dilema. Trends and formulas vs. Experimentation)
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  3. Hi Doug, thanks for commenting! I don't know about the other people here but it is very personal for me, I wouldn't do it if it wasn't. If I have to sacrifice most of my own time with this crazy job, at least I wanna focus on the music which I love and I'm passionate about. I've recently started to delve more into the classical repertoire and I've been studying a lot of jazz but it's an ongoing discovery and this is all still fairly new to me. On the other side film music had the greatest influence on me for the vast majority of my life and I do connect with it on a very primal level. There's is no denying that Williams shows up in my work a lot but honestly, that is never the point and I most certainly don't want my music to come across like a poor impression of the man. The reason for the similarities is probably due to the fact that we share a taste and he's been in my system from my childhood.
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  4. Great ! I hope I did not come off too snarky. If this is the style of music you really love and are passionate about..... by all means..... more power to you.

    You it's just been on my mind of late. When I talk to some aspiring film composers, they often talk about composing for "a general audience".
    All well and good. I just wonder if general turns into generic.

    Most likely I just can't evaluate happy, major/lydian ET/Americana music at all. It always sounds so dark and cynical to my ear. That "American Dream" or ....forget the title, of Thomas Berguson (spelling?) is more difficult for me to sit thru than Webern.

    It's just my issues.

    I wish you all the best, and sincerely keep up the great work. It will pay off for your I am sure, and that would make me happy.
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  5. Of course not, I have great respect for your opinion and I do see your point! Thanks again for the advice and for sharing your thoughts on this.
  6. I'm clearly in good company here.

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