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21st Century Part Writing (Ebook with Audio Examples)

Discussion in 'Score Study Resources' started by Sylvain Provenzano, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Here's a Kickstater that interests me :

    I post it here because I want it to succeed and maybe some Redbanners would be interested too.

    Of course, all discussions are welcome, share your knowledge and opinions. =)
  2. Cool. I wish him well and hope his kickstarter succeeds.

    Never heard of him, but he seems like a cool dude, and very intelligent and passionate about wanting to teach.
    So, that is awesome. My honest opinion is that his work will be "directionally correct".

    The one - perhaps - fatal flaw is trying to be all things to all people. I don't think it is possible to produce a great text for both beginners and
    "seasoned pros" with verbal language. Music yes.....absolutley. (for example Beethoven Bagatteles or Bartoks music for kids)

    I have empathy. As I watched the first 5 minutes and listened to the Strawman trope that dominates music forums,
    it just seemed so obvious to me how much teaching - especially online and hawking a product- is like "Animal Farm"

    We are all fucked. Myself and Mike included. Such is life.

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope he makes his goal, and people really love the book
  3. What is meant by the term part writing in English?
  4. A lame term for voice leading.

    PS. How have you been? We (I) need more Thomas Bryla posts around here please!
  5. Thanks for reminding me, just 3 days left. Almost forgot to back it. Done now.
    Sylvain Provenzano likes this.
  6. If he means voice leading I don't really understand the notion for a 21st century style while dismissing the 'old fashioned' approach - still while mentioning Bach as a champion. The example chapters he provide seem very basic compared to baroque voice leading.

    It sounds like a YouTuber trying to hype another way for him to make passive income.

    This was more of a negative Thomas Bryla post. I try to keep an eye on people posting scores to their compositions to write the positive ones :)
  7. Yay !! More Thomas Bryla.

    I like negative Thomas Bryla just as much. Gotta keep it real and call a spade a spade. Doug Gibson (can't resist joining the third person party) is often negative too. Really negative. :mad:

    Cool....write nice comments about pieces you like, and stay away from the ones that suck.
    Oh..... but I don't think you've ever commented on my pieces.

    :( :confused: :eek: :( :( o_O


    I hope you know that I am just joking, and also far too narcissistic and lazy to care.

    More Thomas Bryla posts, please!

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