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New Profile Posts

  1. Hur Ozan Cerrahoglu
  2. Hur Ozan Cerrahoglu
  3. Andre Williams
    Andre Williams
    Can't get enough of film music composition
  4. Zach Charlton
  5. Chris Morphitis
  6. Kyle Judkins
    Kyle Judkins Jason Tackaberry
    Hey Jason, what's the best way to set up reaticulate for performance legato patches within?

    is there a way I can copy the original performance legato bank, change the UACC by like 1 and resave it? Or should I just make my own Generic performance legato and assume it'll work
    1. Jason Tackaberry
      Jason Tackaberry
      Replied via PM.
      Feb 11, 2018
  7. Raphael Badawi
    Raphael Badawi
    Being Ghandizilla, Working on Craftmanship
  8. mary galang
    mary galang Jaap Visser
    Nice to meet you, . please get back to me it is very important my mail is is Email ( mon.tara@hotmail.com )
  9. Kim Arnesen
    Kim Arnesen
    Taking the template balancing class
  10. Rohann van Rensburg
    Rohann van Rensburg Doug Gibson
    Hey Doug, tried to send you a PM but Redbanned told me I'm not allowed. Wanting to ask you about solfege and such, if you have time.
  11. Sai Natarajan
    Sai Natarajan
    I'm new here, and I may never come on here again. We'll see how it goes.
  12. David Sandberg
    David Sandberg
    Working on DarkenSpace soundtrack
  13. Merlin B. Gyoery
  14. Tommi Uimonen
  15. Tavleen Singh
    Tavleen Singh Mike Verta
    Hi Mike, my Personal details page is not saving the settings. Who do I contact for that?
  16. Draco Verta
  17. Mathew Somers
    Mathew Somers
    Preparing for hurricane Irma. Any member south of me in Irma's path can stay here in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL if you need somewhere to stay. :)
  18. Sergio Dijs
    Sergio Dijs
    "There is no avant-garde; only some people a bit behind" Edgar Varèse
  19. Gary Williams
    Gary Williams
    Excited pending re-installation of Window 10 and the obligatory re-installation of all of the instruments etc. Yes, very excited indeed.
  20. Gary Williams
    Gary Williams
    Anxious pending re-installation of windows 10 and the obligatory re-installation of all of the instruments etc. Yes, very anxious.